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Previous Employment

Cogknit Semantics Pvt. Ltd.September 2015 - PRESENT

Senior Data Scientist

Have been involved in developement of Analytics engine known as FOVEA . Also worked on the developement of recommendation engine and integrating it with the Learning Platform to enable Adaptive Learning. Used CNN Algorithm from Deep Learning Framework to deliver the Image Annotation Platform for one of E-Retailer.

Edureka November 2014 - September 2015

Senior Research Analyst

Developed POCs for Transport,Banking and E-commerce sector. Employed Linear Regression for credit limit prediction for a banking customer. Used Classification algorithm to determine the category of the accident from the historical data of the accident. Clustered customers from an the purchase history into few groups for targeted marketing .

Edureka December 2013 - November 2014

Associate Big Data Analyst

Provided technical support for technical queries related to Hadoop developement and Administrator. Wrote various Blogs and Documentation to reduce the number of queries. Lead an in-house project called "Knowledge Base" to improve the documentation and inspiring team to create and improve the documentations for existing solutions. Created Data Extraction pipeline using Mapreduce,Pig and Hive and automated them with Oozie.

Professional skills

  • Programming experience in Java,Python,R,Shell Scipts,Pig Scripts
  • Sound Experience in Big Data processing and storage frameworks like MapReduce,Spark,HDFS and S3.
  • Experience in Big Data processing with Pig,pyspark,Java API of spark,R
  • Good with Pig,RDD,Data Frames,Scikit-learn,MLLIB
  • Comfortable with Image processing libraries like OpenCV,scikit-image
  • Sound Statistical Knowledge
  • Machine Learning Algorithms :
    1. linear regression
    2. logistic regression
    3. SVM
    4. NN-CNN
    5. Decision Tree
    6. Random Forest
    7. KNN
    8. K-Means

Software and Services

  • Hadoop
  • Spark
  • Rstudio
  • AWS


  • Python
  • JAVA
  • R
  • Shell


Certified in Machine Learning,CourseraSeptember 2009 - June 2013

Certified in Machine Learning by Stanford University on Coursera under Andrew NG.

Grade Achieved: 96.1%. Certificate vailable at https://www.coursera.org/account/accomplishments/records/PGGJS8Q6HFKR

MVJCE,VTU,BangaloreSeptember 2009 - June 2013

Bachelor of Engineering,Computer Science of Engineering

Patna Central School,PatnaMay 2006 - March 2008

Senior Secondary

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